8 March 2024 : Women’s day Worldwide Tour

A quick look to some of the manifestation on the Internationale women’s rights fight day.

While hundreds of thousands of people have marched around the world, shouting and demanding women’s just right to exist in safety, with dignity and freedom, in some countries they don’t even have the right to speak. To work as they wish, to move around, to live free from fear and tears.

That’s why we have to fight. Stay aware, point up !


“”Turkish police have intervened in the Istanbul University students’ march held for International Women’s Day allegedly over a banner reading “LGBTIQ+,” and detained many of them. The police attacked the students coming out of the faculty gate and detained them with methods amounting to torture.””

İstanbul Üniversitesi’nde 8 Mart Yürüyüşü’ne polis saldırısı

“”According to We Will Stop Femicide, a prominent activist group in Turkey, 338 women have been murdered since March 2023, and 248 died under suspicious circumstances.””

Vidéo All Turkey :


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Women in Gaza try to survive.


From Shadows to Spotlight: Afghan Women Amid Taliban Oppression | International Women’s Day Manifesto 2024

“”In 2023, the Taliban further intensified its oppressive policies toward women, girls, the LGBTIQ+ community, and religious minorities. [Including] a ban on girls attending secondary schools and universities.(…) Lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women face severe threats, including torture, sexual violence, forced marriage,
and death.””

Women hide their face and claim for Right. “Afghanistan is hell for women”


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“”The Paris demonstration for women’s rights and equality with men was overwhelmed by jostling between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel activists. Scuffles broke out between the two groups. According to journalists on the scene, it was activists from “Nous vivrons”, an sionist association set up after the Hamas attack on Israel, and demonstrators waving Palestinian flags who were fighting. Women from “Nous vivrons”, who had come to remember the women killed by Hamas, were removed from the demonstration by the police. “”’Obs exfiltrated women

Members of the feminsit collective “Les Rosies” participate to a march as part of the International Women’s Rights Day, in Paris, on March 8, 2024. (Photo by Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP) Flashmobs in Paris



Students attend a demonstration to denounce violence against women, as part of the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024 in Milan

Italian 8 march video :


“”Protesters dressed as handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale hold placards reading “Woman Life Freedom” prior to a march from Parliament Square to Iran’s embassy to highlight repression of women in that country on March 8, 2024 in London, England.”

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Argentine, Latina America


“While some are celebrating historic steps taken in countries like Mexico, which is slated to elect a woman as president for the first time, others are railing against potential rollbacks on rights they’ve long fought for in places like Argentina with the arrival of far-right President Javier Milei. (…) Since taking office in December,
Milei has shuttered both the country’s women’s affairs ministry and the
national anti-discrimination agency, and on Wednesday told high school
students in a speech that “abortion is murder.”

Latina America Tour Latin America tour

Vidéo argentina’sHealthMovement

Costa Rica / Nicaraguan Feminist


“Migrant, exiled, and banished Nicaraguan women took to the streets of San Jose,
Costa Rica on March 8th, to commemorate International Women’s Day.”

Photo: Katherine Estrada / Confidencial

“For the sixth consecutive year, exiled Nicaraguan feminists united with
Costa Rican women in a march, held in San Jose on March 8. For the sixth consecutive year, Nicaraguan women were unable to demonstrate on March 8th, under the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.”


Increasing attacks on women in Kenya :

The fight continue for Kenyan women. In January (2024) thousands of people were in the street to denounce the 60 feminicide already perpetrated since the beginning of the year.


Video Twitter Nairobi


“Pakistani authorities have refused to allow a rally in Lahore which aimed to mark the International Women’s day. Organizers and participants have been accused of displaying “controversial” banners. On the other hand, authorities have allowed “Haya” march which calls for preservation of Islamic values.”

Those controversial banners, accused to promote occidental lifestyle, were claiming for equal rights, stopping homophobic politics, free of speech, etc.

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“Thai labour union members and women’s rights activists take part in a march for better maternity rights on International Women’s Day in Bangkok on March 8, 2024. (Photo by Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP)”



“On International Women’s Day a march in Philippines’s Manila turned violent. Marchers clashed with riot police. Over 1000 women participated in the march.” Some of them took their bra off as a sign of protest against gender violence.

Controntation PolicevsProtesters

Portugal :

During the Women’s Day demonstration in Lisbon, two women wearing Climaximo waistcoats smashed the windows of Banco Santander Totta with harmer and spike, for “consciously financing climate collapse”. Through the pressure of dozens of people around them, screaming slogans, they were released.

WorldWide :

Here is two video compiling images of worldwide manifestation for Women’s day.

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And article with beautiful photos :

Did you participate with people protesting for women’s rights ? How it feel ? Share with everybody. Togther we are stronger.