The Narrative

A speaker in the spotlight, a whisperer in darkness.
Selling itself in aboveboard and underhanded ways,
whether by truth or lies, The Narrative is the same:
Authority is in control. The state, able to enforce its laws,
keeps order under the constant menace of anarchy.

A contrarian call-and-response is part of The Narrative.
Waiting on tenterhooks for the next official statement.
Critical thinking is delegated to fact-checkers,
official intermediaries who validate truth and facts.
Demanding truth from the state, as if it were its keeper.

That’s what THEY want you to think.
Misguided doubt devolves into paranoid conspiracy theories.
Ideologically tinted glasses color the entire landscape as enemy terrain.
Often featuring the state even more heavily in its narrative,
inflating the pervasiveness and insidiousness of its imaginary tentacles.
A powerless populace cowering under an omniscient Hydra.

Elsewhere, a tangled mess of a web of relations is neatly explained
by an academic mythology of all-powerful megamachines.
A genealogy of all-encompassing cosmic horrors;
Kyriarchy, Patriarchy, Civilization, Capitalism, State, Empire,
Global Supply-Chain, Military–Industrial Complex…

Authority is served well by illusions of being the true puppeteer of chaos,
in place of the underlying uknowing and unknowable acausal phenomena.
The Narrative connects-the-dots to trace its imaginary outline, like a constellation,
a beast projected onto asterims made up of disconnected astral bodies light years apart.

Planets were once perceived as errant wanderers before being locked into predictiable orbits by heliocentrism.
How can anarchists wrestle their focus away from the centrality of THE BIG BAD THING, and toward decentralized ungovernable chaotic good practices? Can anarchism escape the event horizon of The Narrative? How can anarchist foment and foster a multiplicity of stories instead of devoting itself to a revisionism of His-Story and addressing The Narrative? How can anecdotes highlight the statelessness in everyday experiences of worldly and otherworldly affairs?


[bem, mesmo de fonte anglóphona respeitável não está a passar, para esta gente do indymedia nem é só a boa frente, é o vale tudo mesmo, e que possa ser assim com a anuência geral é porque estudaram a óptica da coisa, de outra maneira não poderia ser, mais revelador não sei se é possível]